Multinational IT Services

Multinational IT Services

Reduce complexity, increase productivity and minimise risk

A combination of local business knowledge, regional insight and global expertise.

What we do

A combination of local business knowledge, regional insight and global expertise.

Global locations

Our HQ in the UK is supported by offices in Washington, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Amsterdam and Dublin. This means we can liaise with you and your teams across all major time zones, delivering products and services to your international locations in country, in local currency and with local taxes applied.

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Your IT. Where and when you need it

Our Export Team specialise in shipping IT products globally, often to challenging destinations. We’re fully compliant with international import and export controls, as well as manufacturers’ international policies, so we can support your products, wherever they’re deployed.

Global partner network

Our network is built up of IT suppliers from around the world who deliver products and services to local communities. Each and every one of these partner organisations have passed careful capability reviews and security measures – ensuring you can confidently build strong relationships with trusted partners.

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Manufacturer engagement

Although technology is a global industry, it often operates by country or region. Our global manufacturer partnerships combined with our regional offices helps to streamline these processes – making it easier for you to manage your IT vendors.

Explore more from our core business solutions

We help you build a successful, future proof IT strategy based on three key pillars that enables you to succeed in ever changing markets.

Hybrid Infrastructure

Creating, developing and supporting a hybrid of on-premise data centre and public and private cloud computing

Cyber Security

Central guiding principles for organisations to protect against cyber-attacks, transforming cyber security into a business enabler.

Digital Wrokspace

Defining and designing workspaces to ensure an agile, collaborative, productive business


Strong partner relationships have always been at the very heart of Softcat and we believe are fundamental to offering an objective and expert approach, to deliver best-in-class solutions for you.

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