Supply Chain Services and Operations

Supply Chain Services & Operations

Sustainable IT lifecycle solutions. Responsibly delivered.

Working to maximise value and minimise risk by consolidating supply chains, providing logistics and end to end solutions. Closing the loop on a circular economy.

Combining lifecycle & logistics enabling configuration & deployment, reverse logistics, asset recovery and disposal. Safely and securely.

Bonded storage and logistics

Secure and sustainable

Our storage capability provides ‘real time’ inventory levels and asset information. Stock forwarding, secure logistics capabilities, asset tagging, and package management encompass consolidation of deliveries. Ticking the box for both cost savings and a more sustainable approach.

Deploy to desk

Bespoke builds, combined capabilities

Configuration services can be complex. Our imaging lab allows for bespoke customer builds to be developed. This can be System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM), Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT), VPN access to dedicated build servers, Autopilot, or manual configuration. We will work with you to design and scope the build. We will then deliver the assets ready for installation directly to the desk. Cost savings can be applied if the old equipment is removed as part of this process.

Asset Recovery

Maximising the return for your assets, refurb and reuse

Our buy back service can be used at any point during the assets lifecycle, as well as during the procurement phase. We support extending the life or your old equipment by application of refurb and reuse as our main goal. We offer buy back or revenue share models of value recovery with any funds earned paid directly to your business, or held as credit for future spend.

Secure Data Destruction

Taking care of customer data, reusing devices with a peace of mind

Data security and data breaches are high level risks. We offer on or offsite data destruction and on or off site data erasure with the selected service tailored to meet our customers classifications. We use industry recognised CESG Infosec 5 fully certified erasure software, giving you the confidence that the data has been destroyed correctly. Zero tolerance is applied to any remapped or bad sectors with the relevant HDD/SSD removed for in house shredding.

Secure WEEE Disposal

Disposing IT hardware safely & securely

Our secure service ensures your equipment is disposed of in line with company and industry requirements – including the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directive. Our approved network of downstream recyclers gives added assurance that recovered materials are placed back into the manufacturing process. Closing the loop on a circular economy.

“Electronic waste is the fastest-growing waste stream in the world, with 50 million tons being disposed of in 2020.”