Finance Solutions

KanyaTech Financial Solutions

Financial freedom with flexible payments

Our flexible financial solutions allow you to spread the costs of technology – supporting sustainability today and the expanding capabilities of tomorrow.

Flexible Payments

Helping you escape outdated technology or budget constraints

We can provide funding solutions for hardware, software and services and leasing options for hardware. This gives you the option to keep the equipment – or upgrade to the latest model of your choice.

Low Rate Lending

Interest rates as low as 0% with vendor partners

Our expert partnership network allows us to search the market to offer you our most competitive plan – based on your requirements and budget.

Finance Cost Comparison

Access competitive financial promotions and rates

We have the resources, the experience and the relationships with lenders to quickly and efficiently provide you an unbiased cost comparison across multiple providers.

Pay As You Grow

Staggered payments and finance options to align with your business growth

We offer the ability to stagger payments as your business develops – increasing in line with your growth. Our external vendors and providers also offer consumption based models, with payments aligning with fluctuating usage.

Maintain Cash Flow

Spread the cost of upgrades and deploy multiple projects at once

Predictable payments and flexible terms allow you to access the right technology at the right time. Our leasing options will also align with circular economy goals, achieving sustainability objectives without upfront cash payments.

“With the introduction of subscription based models in our everyday lives, spreading the cost is becoming the norm. Changes in the economy means that preserving cash within your business is more important than ever and opting for the right financial solutions is the key to achieving this. ”