Enable seamless communication, inspire teamwork, and develop a culture of collaboration

From voice, video, and physical and online meeting spaces, to contact centres and digital signage integrations, our collaboration services enable secure teamwork anytime, anywhere.

Collaboration portfolio


We facilitate effortless internal and external communication through smooth integrations, easy to use interfaces and resilient failovers. All to ensure your people have the best possible experience while future proofing your investment.

Collaboration hubs

As part of our collaboration journey we’ll work with you to understand how your existing communication tools can be enhanced with 3rd party integrations, microservices and workflow automation.

Contact Centre

In today’s world, being able to easily and authentically engage your customers has never been more important. We partner with cutting edge vendors to deliver a communication platform that are right for your customers, in their preferred digital channel (IM, SMS, email, phone or social).


More organisations are now recognising how important video has become in improving customer and employee engagement. With partnerships across an extensive range of vendors, we can enhance your usage of video and audio conferencing, content sharing and real time digital whiteboarding to develop a seamless meeting experience from a single person device through to vast meeting spaces.

Smart Workplace

An unintuitive workplace can lead to decreased productivity, hampered work relations and lower overall wellbeing. By tackling these barriers, we create a safe, secure and adaptable environment, helping your people co-exist, and co-create, more effectively.

“Seamless collaboration services empower you to amplify your company culture. It inspires teamwork, encourages creativity and drives critical thinking. These are the things that will ignite the next spark of innovation to benefit your business.”