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Cloud Intelligence Service


KanyaTech’s Cloud Intelligence Service ensures you have the visibility and reporting required to actively manage your cloud infrastructure. We provide clear insights into cost, usage, security and governance, enabling best practice management of your cloud resources. We can support you with a dedicated Analyst to provide proactive recommendations, reporting and advice around your cloud environment. The combination of strong cloud visibility, and expert recommendations, allows you to create a cost-effective and optimised public cloud experience.

Our service includes


Our service helps you take a standardised approach to monitoring your cloud usage and spend across multiple cloud platforms. Our cloud intelligence platform provides management of Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and other cloud providers, as well as multi-cloud reporting capabilities.

Dedicated UK-based team

Our Cloud Intelligence team take an analytical approach. Their knowledge, experience, and skill ensure your organisation benefits from the best analysis and recommendations. The team works with you to provide monthly, actionable insights using your data.

Track your cloud-based assets

Tracking your cloud assets is an essential aspect of cloud management and we help you achieve it through implementing ‘tagging’ and ‘grouping’ of assets. We provide you best practice advice around your tagging strategy and our intelligence platform makes grouping and locating un-tagged assets simple and efficient.

Integrated reporting

Our highly customisable reports offer detailed and precise breakdowns of cost, usage and performance by subscription, group or other perspectives. This level of reporting gives you clear visibility of your cloud environment, enabling you to detect overspend and underutilisation of assets, as well as charge back costs to individual users, or groups.

Why KanyaTech for Cloud Intelligence?

The Cloud Intelligence Platform provides full visibility of cloud infrastructure and spend within your Azure and AWS environments.

Detailed reporting gives you clear insights into cost, usage, security, and governance enabling best practice management of cloud resources. Cloud Intelligence Platform provides:

  • Complete visibility of cloud activity and assets
  • Customisable dashboards displaying relevant data clearly
  • Cloud management tools enabling easy and efficient estate governance and automation
  • Multi-cloud analysis to easily monitor both AWS and Azure assets

*This offering includes onboarding to our Cloud Intelligence Platform and technical support.

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