Backup as a Service

Data Backup as a Service


KanyaTech’s fully managed Backup as-a-Service (BaaS), releases your team from the overheads associated with backup processes so they can focus on delivering IT projects that support your organisation’s primary objectives. Secure and reliable backup is an essential insurance policy for every organisation to ensure that data can be easily and quickly retrieved in the event of unexpected loss. Our dedicated team of data management experts take care of the whole solution with a sole focus on backup and recovery, simplifying your processes, saving you valuable time, and being on-hand to support you at any time.

Our service includes

Flexible data retention periods

We are totally flexible and can accommodate any length of retention. If you have legal retention periods or a preferred timescale we offer guidance to ensure your data remains available for as long as you need it, and is stored in the most cost-effective way. Timeframes can be extended and adjusted any time, if required.

Cloud or on-premise backup options

Our backup options are flexible and can be tailored to your organisation’s requirements. Our cloud option sees your data efficiently backed up directly from your servers to our datacentre. If you require on-premise backup, we can supply an appliance onsite to ensure data can be restored quickly.

Data encryption

For total peace of mind, we can encrypt data in transit, or at rest, meaning that any interceptions will be unsuccessful in understanding or using your data.

Fully supported data recovery and backup migration

We offer full support, as standard, to provide data recovery of any kind. From a single document to a full environment, we restore the data and make sure that it works as it should. We can also ease the burden of migration, taking care of transferring all your data to us before managing set up and making sure it’s functioning as it should. If you’d rather get the data to us yourselves, we can support you through the process.

Why KanyaTech for Backup as a Service?

Working 24/7/365 from our UK-based operations centre our dedicated team has over 150 years of combined experience in data protection and recovery. Their focus is solely on backing up and restoring organisations’ data.

We understand the value and importance of every piece of data to each organisation, so our guidance considers your objectives to ensure the best fit for your requirements. If you hold additional services with us, placing your backup and recovery with KanyaTech can allow a consolidation of service, giving you a single point of contact for a range of services. Our aim is to release your team to focus on your organisation’s priorities, so our fully managed service means we’re always there to ensure peace of mind.

  • More than 3 petabytes of managed data
  • Supporting over 6,000 servers
  • 200+ managed service customers
  • Dedicated specialist team
  • 24/7/365 support
  • UK-based operations centre

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